About Us

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The Upper Canada Leger Centre for Education and Training (UCLCET) is a community focused organization that seeks to find innovative ways to spearhead unique projects supporting education, diversity, health and well being across Eastern Ontario.

UCLCET was incorporated in 1999 as a not-for-profit corporation and was registered as a charity in 2002.

 We believe that:

  • everything we do should contribute to learning and the pursuit of personal excellence;
  • the acquisition of skills in language, the arts, mathematics and technology is fundamental;
  • all individuals have a right to learn and work in a safe and clean environment;
  • physical and emotional well-being must be promoted;
  • quality of life is enhanced by participation in a variety of cultural, artistic & physical experiences;
  • an understanding & appreciation for the natural environment and its preservation must be promoted;
  • respect for diversity strengthens society;
  • effective, open and honest communication is essential to success.