Employment and Opportunities

Community Development Coordinator - Prescott Russell / SDG
The Community Development Coordinator is a very important liaison person between/among the Centre’s Student Nutrition Program and the schools and other community organizations. Knowledge of the program and its funding sources is essential to the role as is the capacity to build relationships with the schools in particular. Finally, as pertains to the Communications role, he/she is responsible for publicizing the program through various media and other communication forms and strategies.

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All applications can be sent to the Student Nutrition Program Manager.

Private Teacher/Tutor
To meet the needs of our international students we provide, outside of regular school hours, individual and small group academic instruction or tutoring through the Upper Canada Leger Centre for Education and Training (UCLCET). We are seeking private teachers/tutors wanting to assist students to acquire new skills or improve academic achievement by meeting with them on a set schedule. All pricing is per instructional hour so it includes preparation time, travel costs, materials, etc.

All applications can be sent to the UCLCET HR department.

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Host a Student
Host Families Needed – Upper Canada Leger Centre partners with Canada Homestay International to offer the best homestay program for our International Students!

International students encounter a new world of adventure when they stay with a carefully selected and pre-screened host family. These families share their home and will give students from other countries an opportunity to experience Canadian culture, customs, and language. The student will also bring his/her homeland culture and experiences to the host family.

If you are interested in hosting a student from another country, please fill out the Homestay Request Form so that we can ensure the best match!

We have assigned homestay coordinators available 24/7 to provide the host family and student support and guidance.

View our resource guide which addresses common issues and questions.