HEBL Community Advisory Partnership Committee

Under the authority of the Lead Agency, Upper Canada Leger Centre for Education and Training (UCLCET), the Healthy Eating for Better Learning (HEBL) Community Partnership Advisory Committee is vested with responsibility for ensuring the local program delivery of the MCCSS’ Student Nutrition Program across the following counties:

  • Leeds and Grenville
  • Prescott, Russell
  • Renfrew
  • Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry

Roles and Responsibilities of the Advisory Committee

  1. To collectively advocate for increasing community support and involvement in efforts to ensure that all children in the communities served by UCLCET through Student Nutrition Programs have access to nutrition programs.
  2. To determine equitable funding allocation to each participating school, ensuring that they each have the support they need to offer quality programs
  3. To develop and carry out short and long-term plans and to set the overall direction for the Committee
  4. To actively engage in fundraising activities that will increase revenue to HEBL
  5. To act as an advisor to, and provide input to the work of UCLCET staff directly involved in the day-to-day operations of HEBL
  6. To be familiar with student nutrition program guidelines and on-going changes to student nutrition programs, as indicated by the MCCSS and UCLCET
  7. To help develop an evaluation process to be implemented at the local levels that promotes the development of successful programs and improved outcomes for children
  8. To help develop strategies to implement program guidelines for the student nutrition program, building on the strengths and expertise of each community
  9. To implement quality assurance processes as part of an ongoing commitment to continuous program improvement

Click here to view the full Terms of Reference of the Healthy Eating for Better Learning Community Partnership Advisory Committee.

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